Saturday, June 5, 2010

tell us a story about jeans. :D

ahhah okay here we go..
so once upon a time there was a pair of dark jeans in a world of other jeans. the dark jeans were super popular because they were really pretty and everything. then one day the light jeans came along. everyone had seen a pair of light jeans before, so they weren't impressed. the light jeans didn't have any friends. one day the dark jeans came over to the light jeans' house and told them that if they wanted to be popular they had to tell everyone that they were 'distressed' and that they were supposed to be washed out. so, the light jeans did as they were told and said to everyone at school the next day that they were the new style and they were supposed to look washed out. then all of the jeans who were friends with the dark jeans left and became friends with the light jeans instead.
moral of the story: kindness can hurt. NAW, IM KIDDING. thats an awful moral. but u didnt give me much to work with ;)
questionable things: where do jeans live? it is totally unreasonable that people would think light jeans are in style again..but then again, jeans dont have a brain, so they would be stupid enough to believe that. KIDDING, again :) its a personal preference whether or not u like light wash jeans or dark more :) its like milk or dark chocolate. or white chocolate OOOOOOH now i want white chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hope u enjoyed.

Make me smile.

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