Sunday, May 23, 2010

ready for SUMMER!

sooo i think its been a week since i've written on here.
which im actually pretty happy about! :)
because i've been really busy! with soo much hw :(
seriously though, we only have 16 days of school left and i had the projects to do this weekend!
okay okay enough complaining :)
so YAY, disneyland on THURSDAY, tenny's birthday on TUESDAY, no school FRIDAY, school concert WEDNESDAY, no school next MONDAY...
sorry those were so out of order!
oooooh so on the topic of no school days... well next friday we have no school (as i mentioned above), and the monday after that weekend we also have no school, and the week after we have no school monday OR tuesday, and the week after we also have no school monday OR tuesday, and the week after that we get out of school on tuesday!!!!! OMG WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
we get out the 22nd :D
ahahahah im soooo excited and ready for SUMMERRR!
so what are you ppl doing over the summer?
i really want to have like a pool party during the summer with everyone i know! that would be super duper fun, dontcha think?!
so maybe i'll do that..i just have to get my mom to agree :P
orrr i could just be invited to a pool party!! *WINK WINK
hahha how subtle i am :)
alrighty im gonna go now so byebye4now!~!!!!!!
i love you all!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Thank goodness for weekends!! :)

WHOAA long time no see guyss!!!
my last post was seriously a week+ ago!
so whats new?!
i've been pretty busy this week with testing, early dismissal :), friends, music, and reading.
hahah those things are pretty important!
ooh and also, i recently got a youtube account and put up some videos!
you can see them here, at my channel:
i hope you like the three videos i have up so far, and if you do, comment, thumbs up, and subscribe!! ily, u guys who do :)
so i've been busy with that too...
its been a pretty good week!
nice and relaxing :)
except today wasnt that great... mostly because everyone was saying that we were just going to have a relaxing day where we hung out in all of our classes, but that didnt really happen :( it was pretty much an extra work day..
but the week of testing is finally over and now i can relax and enjoy my weekend!!
i have no idea what i'd do without weekends.
*sigh thank goodness for weekends.
allrighty im going to go and work on my youtube channel, but please check it out, and check out my formspring and paulines blog as well!!!
ILAYG (i love all u guys :)

Friday, May 7, 2010


long time no see!!
well, three days i guess but..
thats kinda a long time!
this week passed SOOOOOOOOOOOO slowly 4 me and im soo glad its finally over!!! :DDD
i have kinda a lot to do this weekend but im not doin any of it today because its FRIED DAY and this is my relaxation dayyyy :D LOL that sounded SOOO retarded!!
oooh i ALMOST forgot to mention.........
HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATASHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
im glad you enjoyed my giant cardd :)
i hope you have the bestest bday yet!! <3

sooooo what else is up?
hmm..well im in a very good mood right now, because as STUPID as this may seem, im SUPER excited for testing week!!!!!! ya know why? because after next week, we only have TEN DAYS left that we go to actual classes <333333333333
andddd the week after the week after star testing (hope ya got that) is an AWESOME week too, because tuesday is my bfitwwwflams birthdayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 and wednesday is our concert and thursday is disneylan and there's noooo school friday and monday!!!!!!
hahahah im a bit overjoyed.

wellllll i suppose i shall leave now so i can further enjoy my friday afternoon :) well its not rly afternoon. its afternevening. :)

allrighty byeeeeee!!!
I <3>

Monday, May 3, 2010

MONDAYness :-/

so, obviously, im writing this on a monday.
now, personally, i've never really had a problem with mondays. really wasnt much different!!
but there is one not-so-happy thing i wanna talk to u guys about.
soo, as you ppls probably know, i have a formspring. and apparently some person was writing hate comments to me. but these comments didnt get to my formspring inbox - they probably either forgot to send em or formspring was having problems (it was probably formsprings fault because their server gets overloaded A LOT). anyway, so today i got a comment in my inbox asking me if i ever delete comments. and, i answered truthfully.

i said: nope, i dont think so! sometimes questions get asked twice in a row accidentally, so i might've deleted some of those ;) but other than that i answer everything that arrives in my inbox!! :)


i responded: actually, no, i dont, i didnt get any mean comments ;) sry if ya dont like me! it didnt get to my inbox :) and ya know what? im not going to post any hate comments because my formspring is not a place for people to say mean things :) its a place for people to ask me things and say hi. and if all u do with ur time is write hate comments on my formspring, you need to get a life ;) byeee!

sorry you people had to read that negativity on ur monday evening :( its just, i want you to know that i was telling the truth, and no, i never did receive hate comments previously. also, from now on, i will not post any negative comments. like i said in my response to the anonymous hater, my formspring is a place for happiness and a good way to socialize with my friends. its not a place for haters! and they really do need to get a life if thats all they do with their mondays. not to sound mean or anything, but if they dont like me, its their problem, not mine. i feel sorry for them, because i really would like to be friends with them, but apparently they dont want to be friends with me. and really, thats too bad :(

well, this post has already been pretty long and im super sorry that the whole thing was so negative!!
so im going to write about some happy things for a little bit and then i'll say farewell :)

soo, next week is testing week!!! which means early dismissal on wed. and thu.!!!! YAY!!!! plus, the tests are pretty easy, so no worries!
andd iron man 2 comes out this friday, NATASHA'S BDAY!!! may 7th. :))
andd may 25th is my BFITWWWFLAM'S bday!!!!!!!! WHOO!
andd may 27th we go to DISNEYLAND!!!!
plus we have a lot of no school days from now until june 22nd, when we get out!!!! and after testing week we only have TEN DAYS that we're in class, like actual class.

so there are some happy thoughts to sleep on :)
allrighty i LOVE ALL YOU GUYS, and thanks soo much for supporting my blog!!
you guys are amazing <3<3<3


Saturday, May 1, 2010

HAPPINESS in general :)

whats up, peoples?
im SUPER happy right now, which may be because of the fact that its finallyyy
well i know the weekend is already almost over cuz its like...late saturday nite..but..
ooh, i just remembered. my 6th grade teacher, mrs. camastro, always told us that ANYWAYS wasnt a word. apparently the only proper way to say it is ANYWAY. but thats just boring, so sorry, mrs. c, but i'm not going to listen to you.
oh MY, that made me think of our student teacher. ms. demsko. ICK ICK ICK. she was HORRIBLE, in my opinion and everyone else's. so really its not an opinion. just a fact.
OOH, but mr. a!!! HE WAS SO AWESOME :D he like never did anything but..he was sooo awesome :D i think he's at college park now. anyone know where that is? remember him? hopefully you do :)
sooo lets see..what else is up with me? hahah that came out wrong. like i have problems which i do. but i didnt intend to just say that. :P ahhah.
OH YEAH, iron man 2 comes out on MAY 7TH!!! WHOO! i am sooo excited :DDD and i hope i'm not the only girl at rancho who is, because that would be just SAD.
and i never saw the last song. yet. i really want to see it now, cuz everyone said it was fantastibulous. NEW WORD ALERT :D
i just love this face :D its soo happy!!
like me rite now.
so how about i write more things i love?
i love polka dots
i love rainbow polka dots more
i love lakes
i love the mountains
i love cold nights with hot chocolate
i love cold thunderstormy nights with hot chocolate more
i love milk with cookies and brownies
i love relief
i love excitement
i love my friends
i love happiness
i love laughter
i love LOVE!!!!!
whooo aww that was soo sweet, DONTCHA THINK?
i feel like i've used a lot of capital letters in this post. i guess it was just to add excitement :)
allrighty i guess i'll go now.
alana (;
p.s. HAPPY MAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love MAY <333