Sunday, April 25, 2010

Love, Hate, and Good Old Sarcasm :)

hiiiii :)
welcome to the second post of my blog!!!
before i write abot love, hate, and good old sarcasm, i wanna tell you to go check out like as soon as you finish reading this post :))
it belongs to my uhmayzang friend pauline, its super awesome, and she'll LOVE it if you go check it out and (pleaase?) comment :)
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okayyy so!
well there a LOT of things in this world i LOVE, but most of all my super fantasticle friends & familyyy, especifully my bfitwwwflam (best friend in the whole wide world for life and more), tenny <3333333>
i love my family too <333
i love the rain
i love lilies
i love hot chocolate
i love blue and purple nail polish
i love typing smilies :DDDDDDDD
i love lots more things :)
some are mentioned on my other website: on the about me page, and some others will be mentioned later on this blog :))
beware when visiting my site, cuz it is not added to every single day!! last update was march or somthing ;)
well i hate many noises.
that are super annoying.
i hate hypocrites.
i hate mean teachers.
i hate it when ppl yell at me.
i hate it when ppl tell me a million things to do all at one time.
i hate a lot more things that people do, and i might mention them later.

i am a sarcastic person, as i mentioned in my first post.
i use sarcasm when i am angry, annoyed, or for any random reason :)
oh, i hate it when people dont get sarcasm. that realllyyy annoys me. i also hate it when people interrupt good jokes RIGHT before the punch line. WHATTHEHECK?! its like they KNOW the punch line is coming and just hate all of humanity and have fun annoying the minds out of people.
overall, im not really an angry person.
it's a blog. im supposed to right things you dont know about me, right?
well you know the happy things about me. now you know some not-as-optimistic things about me :)
hope you enjoyed :)
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alana!! :D
p.s. sorryyy this was sooo super duper long :) i tend to carry on when im writing
p.s.s. do you like this color? comment and tell me :)


  1. I think the color should be a tad darker, its kinda hard to read in the light but it definetly shows ur personality!


  2. bbffitwefuflam
    beeeeet that: bestest best friend forever in teh whole entire freeking universe for life and more<3
    :) YES. i NO. AMAZANNNNNN'. :) copyrite.. j!$$@

  3. tashy - yah, i agree, i do it darker noww :)
    jissa - OMG THAT IS SOO AWESOME :DD bbffitwefuflam COPYRITE U <333