Friday, May 7, 2010


long time no see!!
well, three days i guess but..
thats kinda a long time!
this week passed SOOOOOOOOOOOO slowly 4 me and im soo glad its finally over!!! :DDD
i have kinda a lot to do this weekend but im not doin any of it today because its FRIED DAY and this is my relaxation dayyyy :D LOL that sounded SOOO retarded!!
oooh i ALMOST forgot to mention.........
HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATASHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
im glad you enjoyed my giant cardd :)
i hope you have the bestest bday yet!! <3

sooooo what else is up?
hmm..well im in a very good mood right now, because as STUPID as this may seem, im SUPER excited for testing week!!!!!! ya know why? because after next week, we only have TEN DAYS left that we go to actual classes <333333333333
andddd the week after the week after star testing (hope ya got that) is an AWESOME week too, because tuesday is my bfitwwwflams birthdayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 and wednesday is our concert and thursday is disneylan and there's noooo school friday and monday!!!!!!
hahahah im a bit overjoyed.

wellllll i suppose i shall leave now so i can further enjoy my friday afternoon :) well its not rly afternoon. its afternevening. :)

allrighty byeeeeee!!!
I <3>


  1. thank you so much alana, for puttin my b-day on ur blog! lol the card WAS huge.

  2. ur WELCOME! :D no problem! yeaa i sometimes overdo it a bit with the cards..heheh :) lol :P