Sunday, May 23, 2010

ready for SUMMER!

sooo i think its been a week since i've written on here.
which im actually pretty happy about! :)
because i've been really busy! with soo much hw :(
seriously though, we only have 16 days of school left and i had the projects to do this weekend!
okay okay enough complaining :)
so YAY, disneyland on THURSDAY, tenny's birthday on TUESDAY, no school FRIDAY, school concert WEDNESDAY, no school next MONDAY...
sorry those were so out of order!
oooooh so on the topic of no school days... well next friday we have no school (as i mentioned above), and the monday after that weekend we also have no school, and the week after we have no school monday OR tuesday, and the week after we also have no school monday OR tuesday, and the week after that we get out of school on tuesday!!!!! OMG WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
we get out the 22nd :D
ahahahah im soooo excited and ready for SUMMERRR!
so what are you ppl doing over the summer?
i really want to have like a pool party during the summer with everyone i know! that would be super duper fun, dontcha think?!
so maybe i'll do that..i just have to get my mom to agree :P
orrr i could just be invited to a pool party!! *WINK WINK
hahha how subtle i am :)
alrighty im gonna go now so byebye4now!~!!!!!!
i love you all!!!

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