Friday, May 14, 2010

Thank goodness for weekends!! :)

WHOAA long time no see guyss!!!
my last post was seriously a week+ ago!
so whats new?!
i've been pretty busy this week with testing, early dismissal :), friends, music, and reading.
hahah those things are pretty important!
ooh and also, i recently got a youtube account and put up some videos!
you can see them here, at my channel:
i hope you like the three videos i have up so far, and if you do, comment, thumbs up, and subscribe!! ily, u guys who do :)
so i've been busy with that too...
its been a pretty good week!
nice and relaxing :)
except today wasnt that great... mostly because everyone was saying that we were just going to have a relaxing day where we hung out in all of our classes, but that didnt really happen :( it was pretty much an extra work day..
but the week of testing is finally over and now i can relax and enjoy my weekend!!
i have no idea what i'd do without weekends.
*sigh thank goodness for weekends.
allrighty im going to go and work on my youtube channel, but please check it out, and check out my formspring and paulines blog as well!!!
ILAYG (i love all u guys :)

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