Saturday, May 1, 2010

HAPPINESS in general :)

whats up, peoples?
im SUPER happy right now, which may be because of the fact that its finallyyy
well i know the weekend is already almost over cuz its like...late saturday nite..but..
ooh, i just remembered. my 6th grade teacher, mrs. camastro, always told us that ANYWAYS wasnt a word. apparently the only proper way to say it is ANYWAY. but thats just boring, so sorry, mrs. c, but i'm not going to listen to you.
oh MY, that made me think of our student teacher. ms. demsko. ICK ICK ICK. she was HORRIBLE, in my opinion and everyone else's. so really its not an opinion. just a fact.
OOH, but mr. a!!! HE WAS SO AWESOME :D he like never did anything but..he was sooo awesome :D i think he's at college park now. anyone know where that is? remember him? hopefully you do :)
sooo lets see..what else is up with me? hahah that came out wrong. like i have problems which i do. but i didnt intend to just say that. :P ahhah.
OH YEAH, iron man 2 comes out on MAY 7TH!!! WHOO! i am sooo excited :DDD and i hope i'm not the only girl at rancho who is, because that would be just SAD.
and i never saw the last song. yet. i really want to see it now, cuz everyone said it was fantastibulous. NEW WORD ALERT :D
i just love this face :D its soo happy!!
like me rite now.
so how about i write more things i love?
i love polka dots
i love rainbow polka dots more
i love lakes
i love the mountains
i love cold nights with hot chocolate
i love cold thunderstormy nights with hot chocolate more
i love milk with cookies and brownies
i love relief
i love excitement
i love my friends
i love happiness
i love laughter
i love LOVE!!!!!
whooo aww that was soo sweet, DONTCHA THINK?
i feel like i've used a lot of capital letters in this post. i guess it was just to add excitement :)
allrighty i guess i'll go now.
alana (;
p.s. HAPPY MAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love MAY <333


  1. so much LOVE <3 i feel the love ;D hahahh

  2. Hola ALANA! It's natasha and i'm following u now! ur so addicting! lol, i want to see Iron Man 2 to! It comes out on my b-day wich is awesome!

    WE should see it togeth!
    haha, thx for writing this blog- cya <3

  3. HIII natasha!! thx for following me :D
    ily 4 dat!! <333
    OMG, we should TOTALLY see iron man 2 together!!!! :DDD
    oooh and HAPPY ALMOST BDAY!!!!!
    i'll email u about iron man :)